Visual Presenter

Visual Presenter is a document camera, which is also called a visualiser. Just like any ordinary camera it takes pictures, but besides normal functionality it is loaded with many exceptional features. With utility in classrooms,  this is primarily to display book content, other 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional objects on projection screens or other output units.
In appearance, it looks a little different. Have a glimpse over here.

Visual Presenter India_Desktop Model
Visual Presenter India – Desktop Model

It has a smooth surface to place the object with led lights on top of it (on both sides). The intensity of light can be adjusted according to the requirement. There are easy to understand user-friendly buttons on the panel of visual presenter to zoom, to rotate, to click, to crop, etc. The teaching aid can be easily connected to any external unit either through USB or WiFi. Instructors can save the images captured in the computer library to reuse it further. Also, the device has internal storage to save and reproduce pictures anytime, anywhere.

To further understand the utility of visualizer, study the following examples:

  • Teacher referring to the book content in the classroom on projection screen, placing it on the top of device.
  • Teacher explaining molecular arrangements, likewise.
  • Instructor explaining fine art projects.
  • Instructor explaining diagrams
  • Instructor explaining anatomy of living organisms, and many more.
Visual Presenter India - Smart Classroom Equipment
Visual Presenter India

Visual Presenter comes in three models – Desktop, Gooseneck and Portable. In our next blog, we will elaborate more about it. In order to inquire about the price of the equipment, feel free to contact at or call @ +91-9355106486.  To explore more information, browse through


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